Dangerous Curves at Love Ride 14!

Carrying $250 total donations for MDA, Ron and I again made the trek to Glendale Harley Davidson and then on to Lake Castaic for the 14th Love Ride! Below are photos of the highlights. Click on the small photos for larger versions:

We met at kEN's house, up Yves Bolomet Memorial DRIVE way...
kEN tried to make us believe that THIS was the bike he and Wendy were taking - and that we had to TOW him!!
Then, VOILA! We find Yves' bike will lead the way!!
This is a great pic of Yves' racing bike, and kEN's bald spot.
I was easy to find at Lake Castaic: my red butt stood out among the sea of black leather
Jim Belushi sang w/his "Sacred Hearts" - you can always muscle your way to the front row at the Love Ride for that close-up pic!
The Gang's all here - Left to right, Wendy, kEN, Trey, Ingrid, Trey's wife Chris, and Rolando (Yves' friend/ excourier)
As you can see, Everyone who's Anyone shows up at the Love Ride! Here I'm telling Santa what a good girl I've been this year...
Malcolm and Pat hung out on the towel next to ours at our Love Ride spot. Malcolm was the one who took the shot of me and Santa. After the photo, I kissed Santa on the cheek. Malcolm I guess wanted some of that action and said, "Hey, I'm the Easter Bunny." I told him, "Pull out some long ears, and we'll talk."
Bad to the Milk Bone!!
Again, a great group shot - Left to right, kEN, then Dan Wang in shades and plaid, then Paul B smoking the cigar, then skip right to Trey w/Beer in air, John (Ingrid's friend) just in front of Trey, Chris w/Beer, Wendy, Rolando w/Beer, and Ingrid
Here's Peter Fonda suiting up, next to his Harley w/license plate 2DBONE
After buttering him up asking about the burnt-out Thunder Road house, he agreed to a photo w/Dangerous Curves!
Ron and I are ready to go home now...
Oh, you say you didn't get a good look at my tattoo? Oh, no problem!! Thanks to Bruce Tanner for giving me this tattoo a long time ago. In case you can't make it out, it says "Dangerous Curves," of course!

Thanks to everyone who gave donations, and to all my friends who were there to enjoy Love Riding again this year. And to all my LABiker friends, who've made my riding life the fun it's been, nearly four years now!!

Me at Love Ride 11,
my FIRST Love Ride!

Ron and I at Love Ride 12,
first time together

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