PEter's Love Ride 14 Post to LABiker

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 13:37:22 -0800
From: PEter caregiver for Momma Gooze 
Subject: Re: notes from Love Ride 14

At 01:06 PM 11/10/97 -0800, Brian Pape wrote:

>Peter - let's hear the details  ;-)

Ah it was great. Except that I for one think it stupid of me to want to race
EVERY expensive sport car made, but I can't help myself....

It was on the 405 by the airport when my brain went dead, yes I saw a Yellow
Porsche aka Expensive Volkswagon (EVW) pass us by. Well I was insulted by
all this money blindly flying by us. So I goosed Momma Goose and caught up
with the Yellow EVW. My brain did notice the emblem on the bonnet, Carrera
Turbo. My penis said Uh-ho, this one might be close. Well with a little
inticement the EVW nailed it, but I didn't see it anymore cuz it was too
small to see in my mirrors. I slowed up it so they could try again, but they
did an immediate stage right exit...

Damn I gotta stop doing that. I figured Sammy and others would be thinking
how STUPID I was for pulling stunts like that...

Sorry guys, I really can't help myself.

>> Looking back on the day, I like to think about the friendships that I
>> have made over the past few years. I'm grateful for the fact that I have
>> so many people around me who are willing to take a chance on a ride, and
>> do a little exploring with me. I think that maybe, just maybe, that's
>> what the Love Ride is all about.

I second the above and add:

Having moved all my life (every two years we'd be in a new town and a new
school) I have never be able to make lasting friends. In fact, I only keep
up with one old friend from my high school days, I do mean one, and she is
an ex-girlfriend whom I keep asking her to dump her rich husband!!!

But the Friendships that I have made on this list are the greatest. kEN and
Sue are the second oldest friends I have. I look forward to more adventures
with you all.

Sammy thanks for times. I appreciate the fact that you work all day,
play/work all night, and still take the time to escort me around on the few
times that I have without CAtherine. 

Everyone else, I said this before and I'll say it again, thanks for putting
up with me and CAtherine.

Love ya all...


      /~~~~Don't ride faster than~~~~~\  
      \~~your Guardian Angel can fly~~/ 
       \~"Momma Goose" - 1100i Sport~/
        \~Watch for info on "Betty"~/
         \~~Guzzi's are for life~~~/           

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