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OK the pics are developing at the picture place, website up soon heh heh.

I'm sorry I couldnt' be more sociable pre-ride, especially Kevin that I
wasn't there when you got back to leave. I was very VERY worried about my
bike, about my stamina to go the slow exit, etc. As it was, I had a really
rough ride up. My fucking hair was in braids that decided to tighten inside
my helmet as I rode, and so from mile 5 to the lake, I had severe head
pain. I didn't want to stop, since right behind me was the 9:30 pack, and
it would have been hell to get off the freeway w/the added bikes all around.

That said, it was a very cool edition of the Love Ride experience. I
finally had the outfit I always wanted, which U will all see. Damn it,
fucking Ingrid's friend had a VIDEO so there's film of lots of stuff,
hopefully I don't look like an idiot. I'll let you know if we can get a
viewing of that tape sometime.

Top 10 memorable Love Ride 14 moments:

10. My fucking VIrago wouldn't start 2 minutes before we were to leave. Ron
and  Ingrid had to push start it for me, but it did catch right away after
a few feet of a push (thank GOD)

9. kEN's "Yves Bolomet Memorial DRIVEway" sign, a doctored version of the
doctored original

8. kEN's stripped down Kawie w/a tow rope attached to the front (there are

7. kEN leading the pack w/Yves racing bike, the fucking best. Jill was
there to get footage

6. kEN says, we'll leave w/you, then tries to make a left onto Glendale Bl
and it's impossible, then makes a right. I make a right, and he makes a
fucking U TURN. Since my bike is stacked w/a pillion the size of the Empire
State building, I debate the wisdom of a U turn and realize that to
survive, I got to just keep going. 

5. The FUCKING NEWBIE HARLEY BASTARD right in front of me as we got on the
5 at Los FEliz. This dude thinks that when you shift, you STOP between
gears. Holy GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!

4. Ingrid PULLING MY SKIRT UP every *FUCKING TIME* someone wants a pic op!
ANd then "Sit on Ron's face, I'll take a picture!" Well, it's not like it
was something SHE wouldn't do: later some damn person took a pic of her
sitting on Rolando's face (an excourier friend of Yves)

3. Like kEN or someone said, Trey grabbing the beer jitney and getting his
ass dragged about 20 feet along the dirt road

2. Meeting PETER FONDA~!! Yeah, that's right!! we left at the right time,
man! We're walking back, and I said, "Ron, that's Peter Fonda". He's
getting suited up and on his Harley. So I go and talk to him, ask him about
Thunder Road house, when it's going to be back in business. He said the
insurance co's are giving him trouble about the worth of the Harleys in
there for decoration. I told him I really enjoyed the place, and of course
his movies... and could I get a picture w/him? He shook Ron's hand and gave
us the pic, my arm around him :-) so THAT pic will most DEFINITELY be on
the webpage. Nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!


1. Finally outdoing 95% of the other chicks there w/a sexy outfit AND
riding my own bike, WITH boyfriend pillion, I ASK YOU, HOW MANY PEOPLE DID

You guys really are great, thanks for the fun times, Paul great to see you
(really, in the same place, reading the same book!), Sammy, great ass, and
lets make it a 100% LABiker attended Love Ride 15!!!!

sk . dc . great now i can watch the end of Independence Day. Wohoo!!!!!

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