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U guys left too early so u didn't see me win the Heritage Softail!
1)i didn't either.
2) There is no God.
They ASSURED me i would win since i blew Jay Leno.
 Well some chikc named Eva won it. apporos, Eva won a Evo...still sucks 
tho. *I'M* the one that really NEEDED a bike!!!!!!!! BastardS!! She prob 
works for MDA.
 Other than that, a grrrrreat day. Good seeing y'all and Wendy loved her 
first LRide. 
Hilite: Chick walking by wearing red,white,blue American flag bikini and 
chaps. Dan going to her "Uh hhhhehhh, check it out..hhhuhhh.. I'm 
saluting you! hhuhh hhh"
Hilite: Everhone coming to my house, my torned down bike in YB Memrorial 
Driveway with rope attached, telling them someone needs to tow us there, 
then popping open the garage to reveallllllll 
Yves' 560 racing bike! Thanks again Brian for the loaner! and Terrry for 
the offer. If i can get offer maybe ill oner your offer. U guys r true 
bros. That EX is a blast. Tho on long trips dont know how u guys handle 
the wrist/palm weight.
Oh yeah, Brian, forget to tell u-- to get braking on the Camaro, u have 
to turn on the heater and flick the headlights.
hilite: Trey grabbing on the beerwagon and being dragged onhis back 100 
feet. He does this every year! Wendy going" Finally we found someone 
crzier than you"
Hilite: Sue and Gretc--- uh Ingrid's outfits. GIFs posted on
Hilite: sue not losing her keys.
Hilite: Sammy dropping his drawers for a pic. (Wendy typed that)
Hilite: Finding Paul lying in the same spot we left him in at LR 12.
BTW they called your name for a prize at the end.
 If u didn't come- shut up Dan- NEXT YEAR U LUSERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS!

BTW Is there a bike called the G4? 
Someone's psychic said Yves said this but i'll let her tell the story.

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