Here at these Wonderful Idiots I Hang With

This page will grow in size, I'm sure. Here's the pics I have now:

A typical LABiker dinner!
     Me at the 6 anniversay LABiker dinner, 12-1-2000

LA Biker Babies

Bob Light, astronomer, biker, racer, surfer, and the sweetest guy you could know

For Yves Bolomet, now one of Heaven's Angels

Joe Boyd, remembered

Hey, Neighbor! It's Ingrid!!

Liane, in fond memory

LABikers posing w/ the Speed of Light! The suspects here are Yves, Shane, Brian, and Gayathri, at Willow Springs in April, in the Roadracing World garage, standing in front of the 9th place finisher in the Formula III race

Labikers at Clam Jumpers

Steve Podielsky, and here is Steve in the Forest

Derek, such a good lurker that we never heard from him again

Kevin and his Shadow (rite before strolling down the Av-e-nue)

Rich (aka HogRyder) and Izella on one of their Harleys

Rich and Izella flying down the road on their Harleys!

Rich and Izella and Peacemakers logo

Dan Wang's evil twin, Danderella

Me and award-winning Dan Wang Thank You Ma'am (the turtle) and his namesake, Dan Wang

Dan at work, straining to meet a deadline, pushing that work out, really dropping everything...

JUDAS (aka Jim U Dumb Ass Small)

JUDAS in a better mood (Note: you can't kill him. See the cast? This was the second attempt)

Dorian Jim, before he sold his sorry ass to the devil

Me and King Kong

Lisa in Makeup

Lisa in a better light

Jamie's Ratbike, rip

Dan Duc Wang with his Red Monster (and new bike)

Dan at the Track

Don't forget, Pace Yourself! — a great article by Nick Ienatsch as it appeared in Sport Rider Magazine

Labikers at the Orange Grove Chick Pad

Another undated, unknown LABiker dinner. Gee, how happy Jim and Mark Siry look. So happy they could shit.

Do you know any of these people? Well then, why not play LABiker Jeopardy!!?

Or better yet, now you can "OWN" an LABiker!

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