LABiker Commemorative Statuary!

Ever bemoan the fact that the LABiker list, being on E-mail, is so transient, the moments just not "lasting"?? Well, your worries are over!! For a limited time, we are offering LABiker Commemorative Statuary! Yes, now YOU can "own" a piece of LABiker History. It's so easy! And not all that expensive. Hell, you guys own Harleys and Ducs, what's money anyway???

Yves the Duc Killer! A moment to treasure! When Yves "killed" the saucy Duc! $99.95 plus shipping/tax

LABikerettes at Lunch. It was a wondrous moment: Sue, Ellen, and Gayathri, sharing girl and bike talk, enjoying one another. A moment YOU will want to OWN! $299.95 plus shipping/tax

A Tail for Two Bikers. Now that kEN has come out of the closet on this one, those special moments w/Dan are captured for all of you to treasure for years to come. Emphasis on "come." $532.78 plus shipping/tax

Jim Small at WMA (Web Master's Anonymous). A very touching moment, kind of Hits you, right there -- "Hi, I'm Jim Small, and I'm a webmaster." "Hi, Jim!" $49.95 plus shipping/tax.
---> An interesting side note is, he has now been thrown out of WMA after e-mailing members a particularly annoying URL: here's an animation of what it did.

True Bobulation. Here's a tender moment you'll all treasure -- Shane and Brian Pape jockey for position in Bob's pit. At Willow, that is -- each wants to be the one to torque his nuts... $399.95 plus shipping/tax

kEN, Post Posting. You'll all want this intimate glimpse of the master 'netter, just after pushing the "Send" button on his latest nonsense. Ah, the Unbridled Joy! And who knew he was so small (all I can say is, God Bless Photo Shop for allowing me to get true realism here). $19.95, shipping/tax included

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