Sexy Ingrid!


Ingrid w/longer hair Ingrid is my neighbor here in Pasadena. She bought my Savage when I was ready to move on to the Virago. Ingrid's first real highway ride was the LOVE RIDE! Yes, last November (1996) she had never ridden on a freeway yet had the guts (correction: BALLS!) to get on the bike and ride with us the 100 miles up and back. And she had a great time! She loves riding, as well as sports like softball, ice hockey, rollerblading, and working on her house (she's got every tool known to man!) (Well, not THAT TOOL!!)

Ingrid in Hawaii. Hula 
hula!~!Ingrid has been a real great friend and neighbor. So I can't draw any mustaches or horns on her pictures here, even tho I still have Photo Shop open and ready (hee hee).

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