Let's Kill Dan!

Perhaps you think all LABikers do is *ride* -- well, you are sadly mistaken. We often turn to more eclectic pursuits. This weekend, for example, we spent hours and hours, no, not polishing the bikes ... no, not making love like rabid weasels ... no, no, NO! We weren't writing perl programs to autohit Jim Small's home page! We, in fact, set out to make our fondest dream come true. We wanted to KILL DAN WANG!!!

We had talked, er, e-mailed back and forth about it for weeks. OK, well, a few days. And luckily, Dan was stupid enough to be copied on all these posts, and still he agreed to attend his own murder. Isn't he the best??

It all started simply enough... kEN brought Dan a little "gift." "But, my birthday isn't until July!!" Dan exclaimed. "Aw, Go ahead and Open it NOW, pal!!"" kEN said as he edged away...

"Wow, it's pretty technical, I can see that much!" Dan marveled. "What -- what exactly *is* this, a clock radio?? What are these red cylinders??? And man, you sure have this all nice and taped up with plenty of strong duct tape!"

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Come here, Dan, the pool is really warm this year," Sue called, waiting by the edge with Darlene. They showed him just how nice the water was... about 4 or 5 times.

Unfortunately, he was a little heavy to keep dunking like that. But you see, its not just us humans that kinda want Dan killed...

He may have escaped us, but the little duckies had him out numbered!!

Aw, you won't play with the cute little duckies!!! You Deadbeat!

Then we thought, hey, we're here in California -- maybe we should try the old western style of execution. But, well, we didn't have a horse.... Click on image for 61K larger version -->

kEN started feeling sorry for Dan, I think. Either that, or he was beginning to be bewitched by Dan's smooth, young, muscular body.

Either way, kEN invited him into Ingrid's hot tub next door. I guess Dan appreciated the attention, and the two got along quite well. Just watching them, gave you a really *good* feeling. And, a *GREAT IDEA*

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Actually, Dan had his own requested means of death. He had brought over this movie where some guy is tied up with silk scarves and then stabbed to death with an ice pick. Oh, ok, we finally gave in. But I think he wanted Sue or Darlene to be wielding that ice pick, Not ....

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