The Unusual Suspects in the Killing of Dan

Daring Darlene!

Double-0 kEN!

Whip-boy Frank!

Alan the Innocent!

Saucy Sue!

And everybody's favorite VICTIM --


Even Littler Me Back to the Sexy Main Menu!

Actually, no -- I want to see Dan killed again!

Note from the 21st century: If you are wondering about why the "surprise" images were anchored to the extreme right of the Kill Dan home page, it's because 15 yrs ago when we created this page, everyone had a modem. It took f-in' forever to load an image. So in order to make it a "surprise" when you were ready to click, I had the images loading all the way to the right. So once you finished reading the lead-in, you click the anchor link, and BAM! You see Dan blown up. It sure wouldn't have been dramatic watching Dan slowly appear line by line, on your computer screen. Ah, the problems we faced, in the dark days of the Internet....

I hear your second question. Who the hell has time to go fix these old pages up?? You're lucky I bothered to explain this at all! No go away and watch a whole movie on your laptop. You spoiled rotten KIDS! I shd smack you in the head with my Logitech zip drive....