UCLA Registrar's Office

Ah, the Good Old days...

Old Schedule Ofc space/personnel

Once upon a time, the Scheduling office was in a different spot in the office. Imagine that??


Doug hasn't changed much over the years, has he?
Check out the "Kleencut" sign. Boy, does HE have us fooled!!!!

Leann and MJ

And in publications, Leann often would bring in her little helper, MJ...

MJ works on the UCLA General Catalog

..who did quite a fine job proofreading galleys for the UCLA General Catalog

Reg Office Halloweens of Years Past

Remember the early '90s?? Recognize these Registrar staffmembers, and do I mean members!!


Anita as lady in Black

Alice and Barbara

Cathy as Pee Wee with Sue, Sol, and Katherine

Stumped?? Well, check out Document Source under "View" and you'll see who's who.

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