Terry the Dog

Picture of Terry as a Young Dog

Terry was my dog for 14 and a half years. He just passed away right before Thanksgiving 1995, on the day of the Doo Dah Parade. This bears mention since he was born on Mardi Gras Day, 1981, in New Orleans. He was the best dog, a wonderful companion, and he taught me many things in the years we spent together.

Here's some pictures of Terry for now. His story will appear here soon. It's very special and I hope you will come back to read all about Terry, the miracle dog.

Terry as a puppy, getting into mischief

He loves his Momma

Little Dog grows up

But he always kept tabs on what I was doing

Terry loved to run and jump into my arms, which I missed so much after he was hit by a car and crippled for the last half of his life. But as a young dog, he'd run and jump up and I'd catch him, in mid air.

We saw Game 6 of the 1986 World Series together, and that became an important event in our lives later on.

To be continued!

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