August 1998 LABiker Dinner

The pictures are here! OK they have been here but I've been working like a womprat and there's no end in sight (show me the money! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!)

Anyway, here they are, the pics from August's get together. See! Braindead, Eddie Madrid, Gus aka Ghanshyam, and the rest of the usual gang!
Gayathri and her Harem Gayathri with her harem
Kennedy and Ghanshyam -Gus- Patel Brian Kennedy and newcomer Ghanshyam "Gus" Patel
Brendan (Braindead) and Marc Siry The infamous (and now unsubbed) Braindead (or Brendan when he's working for the gas co.) and newlywed to be Marc Siry
Sammy and Elaine Sammy and Elaine, the perfect picture of happiness
Paul Blumstein and wife Joan Paul and Joan Blumstein, and Ron's hand (I guess it could have been a worse gesture!)
Eddie Madrid and Girlfriend Eddie Madrid and his gorgeous girlfriend. Eddie, you were sitting much to close to Gayathri! She's always adding to that harem!
searches for his passport Steveyracer spent the first hour searching for his Crown City passport. He never did find it.
Stevey, Braindead, and Sammy Stevey (post search), Braindead (hey what IS the story with that name!? Some 3 yr old nephew couldn't pronounce Brendan?), and Sammy, talking shit.

Good dinner, good folks as always, and thanks again for riding up to Pasadena for another Crown City good time! (Hey, Gayathri, are you ever gonna give me Ron's passport?!?)

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