The Search for A Girl for kEN


Ah, it's been a noble search. We've had our false starts. Here was one:

She was Willing
First, I ask you, how do you dress a girl who has no ass??

She had trouble
french kissing...
A tender moment, but something was amiss...

So kEN started without
Our heroine was not really built (literally) for french kissing. kEN started without her...

After that debacle, I felt the way to go perhaps might be MAIL ORDER. And whaddaya know, with a few well placed $100 bills, we had a winner!! With an incredible extra boner er BONUS... She's already dressed and waiting!!! And so without further ado, kEN, meet your Dream Gurl I introduce you to,

A Whole Lotta WoooMAN
Here Comes the Bride!!!

These pics are no joke, folks. This person at one time e-mailed me every fucking day with some new sequel for a children's story I wrote. But, how wonderfully Lucky for our kEN!!!!

UPDATE! kEN is now a very happily married man, but not to the one pictured above! The whereabouts of our Tata is ... unknown...

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