August 15, 2001

Lunatic Fringe 5, Homers 19

By Andres Castano

A textbook game. An early and aggressive advance by the Lunatics in the first inning was rewarded by 5 runs. Daniel shone stopping the attack with 2 outs, one catching a foul-ball and another with a flawless pass to Jeff on first. But that was the end of the threat of the Lunatics since they had awakened the Homers. A tremendous defense prevented the Lunatics from scoring any more runs during the rest of the evening. In the outfield, "shoeless" Joe Jacob proved once again that he is in top form by catching two flies to the left field. A pass from Tony to Karen and an almost 'all-Richard' 5-th inning showed that our short-stops are to be feared. On top of it all we are doing quite well at the bases.

Defense wins the game but offense gets the glory and what a glorious evening it was. Consistency, hard work, patience, strategy and tenacity (or many be just sheer luck) got us 19 runs. Words cannot express the exultation in the stands at the beauty of the plays so we'll try with a small graphic summary of the events. Here are some scenes of the great performance of the Homers at the Rose Bowl.

1st Inning... The stands get ready for the game, Richard exhibits his battle wounds (an intimidation tactic that seldom works).

Players (or should I say "warriors") look within to find the focus to prevail.

Apprentices brought to the field to learn the ropes pay attention to every detail.

All right.. the game is on.. it's a sunny day in California and we are having fun!

This was embarrassing.. Richard hit a homerun and decided to chat with the catcher for a while before making the rounds.. distraction or another intimidation tactic..? we are not sure. The only thing that we are sure of is that he laughed all the way to the home plate.

"Take this, you scummy ball" appear to be the feeling of "shoeless" Joe Jaboc as he attempted to smash the innocent softball into smithereens.

A happy celebration reminiscent of those at Camelot. Smiling faces satisfied with a job well done.

Homeruns of the day were hit by Rich (1), Richard (2) and Scott (1).

The line score:

                 1  2  3  4  5  6  7
Lunatic Fringe   5  0  0  0  0  0  0     5
HOMERS           2  6  6  2  2  1  -    19
The players:
             1  2  3  4  5  6  7
Karen       3B 2B -- P  2B -- P
Jeff        1B OF -- 1B 0F -- 3B
Ron         SS 1B -- SS SS -- 1B
Scott       OF OF -- OF OF -- OF
Kim         2B -- 2B 2B -- 2B 2B
Tony        P  SS -- 3B 3B -- SS
Richard     OF -- SS OF -- SS C
Daniel      C  -- OF C  -- OF OF
Annette     OF -- OF OF -- OF OF
Joe         OF -- OF OF -- OF OF
Sheila      -- OF OF -- OF OF --
Andres      -- C  C  -- C  C  --
Becky       -- OF 3B -- OF 3B --
Rich        -- 3B 1B -- 1B 1B --
Steve       -- P  P  -- P  P  --
Sue         <-- Field Manager -->
The homers were cheered from the stands by Scott S., Alyssa G. and Robb, who arrived just in time to congratulate the team for the good effort.

Dinner took place at Crown City where Scott M. was knighted with an 800th-beer applause. Joining in the applause were Karen, Jeff, Ron, Sue, Kim, Scott S., Richard, Annette, Daniel, Joe, Becky, Andres, Rich, Steve and Robb.

The next Homers game is scheduled for Thursday, August 23, at the Rosebowl, Homers vs. the Voodoo Toad Fury. This game promises to be an excellent one.. don't miss it. If you can't make it, let Jeff or Richard know.