Who Says The Tree Has to Come Down??

So I was bitching at a party in December 1999 — no, not about Y2K problems, har, har, chortle, gag! — but about how depressing it is each year to have to take the Christmas Tree down.

"Hell, THIS YEAR, I'm gonna leave that sucker up ALL YEAR LONG!" I bragged. "Yeah, gonna decorate it for EVERY HOLIDAY. Yup, that's what I'm gonna do...."

So about a month later, I'm walking around one of the buildings where I work, and this secretary comes up to me and says,

"So, do you have your tree decorated for the next holiday now?"
Heh, she thought I was SERIOUS, I thought. Wait. Why not? WHY NOT DO IT??? AHH! AHHHHHHHH!!!! (oops, sorry. I was channeling Sam Kinnison there for a minute.)

SO I DID! And here's where it took me....

Traditional Christmas Tree Well, of course, first there was its Chrismas Tree identity. Note the "Jack in the Box" Yr2000 Antenna Ball in place of a star. Nice touch, eh?
Sitting in a Valentine's Tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g... Forget Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, that came up too quick. Rather, the next change was, St. Valentine's Tree!
St. Patty could have beaten a bunch of snakes with 
this tree! Then we have, St. Paddy's Tree!!
The Easter Bunnies Ran Rampant over the 
Easter Tree! OK here's EASTER TREE!! With little eggs left by Easter Bunny....and some detail:

Detail of Easter Tree

John Philip Sousa would have never chopped down the 4th of July Tree! Think I've gotten sick of this yet? NO! Here's FOURTH OF JULY TREE! And check out the detail:

Detail of 4th of July Tree

Hey, who's that behind the Hallowe'en Tree!?? OK NOW we're talking!! Some actual CREATIVITY *here*!! Read the whole story of Halloween Tree. It's SCAAAAAAAAREY!!!

P.S. Also check out my Energizer Bunny Hallowe'en Costume: front-view; side-view; the Movie! [237K]

Gobble gobble GAWKKK!!?? Believe it or not, Turkey Tree, as fantastic as I KNOW you all think it is, is a compromise. I really did look for a giant Turkey head to put on the top, and make the whole tree a Turkey! (Sigh) Ah, the compromises we must make, for time and pocketbook...

Some detail (click for larger pic):

Ahhh, yup! I'm invited fer DINNER! uh, yup yup yup...

And guess who's carving the bird??

May the Carving Knife Be With You!

So now it's December

Now it's Christmas Time.

This should be simple, right?



HAPPY NEW YEAR! The *HELL* with the Christmas Ornaments!!!! We're goin' STRAIGHT TO NEW YEARS!

Click on New Years' Eve Tree — it's an image map — and view all the goodies up close!

See the Dog Movies, taken during the traditional Tree Photo Session:

Yessir, 2000 was a GOOD YEAR

The Good Year Blimp Says It All

Oh, Merry Christmas Anyway!

And Happy New Millenium!!!

NOTE: The tree is not deathly white, it is ARTIFICIAL!!!

So *Yes*, I CAN DO THIS and not be harboring a fire hazard....

More to come!??

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