BOOO! It's Hallowe'en Tree! BwahAHAHAHAAAAAA~!

It was a dark and stormy, um, clear, bright Sunday afternooon, when I decided to put up the HALLOWE'EN TREE!


Dante, so trusting, so unsuspicious. So DUMB... Well, what can I say. It was damn easy just to throw a sheet over the tree and make a "Hallowe'en Tree." That's all. SO WHY does it take me *three weeks* from idea to implementation???

Note how interested Dante is (at left). More interesting to watch nothing outside.

Qui-Gon, ready to use the FORCE to keep Hallowe'en Tree in line! It was nice to take Qui-Gon out of the garage and impress him into service, keeping an eye on this character, though. Can't trust these Hallowe'en Trees, can you?

Please note: Ron BOUGHT ME the Qui-Gon cut out. Yes, he really did. He even carried it home from the Swap Meet for me!

Of course, Ron did not miss the opportunity to SCARE ME with it one night, pushing it at me as I came down a dark hallway upstairs....

Dracula the SpiderPumpkin the SpiderWitchy the Spider
Above, Hallowe'en Tree's cohorts. Below, the cohorts get the once-over by now interested Dante. (You can almost hear the dog thinking: "Is... is it food???")


Then, things got **interesting**....

I noticed some tension in the air... Something was wrong, some noticeable tension in the air...
Ack! Did I see..? And then...Did those eyes MOVE??!?!
Looks like Hallowe'en Tree suddenly has an attitude problem! I've got a BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS!!
NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition! er, the 
Light Saber of a Cardboard Cut Out!!


Qui-Gon BOPS the smart-ass Hallowe'en Tree on the noggin!

ONCE AGAIN, Order and Peace were restored!

Thank you, oh brave Jedi Master!!

May the Force of a Light Saber weilded by a Drop-Dead Handsome Man Be With YOU!

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