How Do You DO!!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Just a bit about who you have uploaded, either intentionally or not:

My name is Sue, and god damn that Johnny Cash for his stupid song! I live in California, work at a top-secret space laboratory here ("Hello? Call back later, Mulder, I'm busy"), and ride my two motorcycles, though not at the same time.

New Used Bike, My CruiserMy bikes? Well, I now have my SIXTH motorcycle (naw, I sold 1-4), a new "used" '92 Yamaha Virago. She's a real workhorse, and an improvement over motorcycle 4, which was a one-cylinder Suzuki Savage (with only 4 gears). God, I love that fifth gear!!

Me and the Virago commute occasionally to work, tho I'll also occasionally take my GS500E, although she's my crest carver mainly (with its SIXTH gear! What a RUSH!!)

Me on the GS

Me and Dante dogIn the past I was a constant pest on a biker list serv called LABikers, but now I mainly spend time playing with my dog Dante...

...or my precious girldog Amber...

Amber my good girl

I am involved in some other fun things, like playing softball during the summers with a JPL team called the HOMERS (see all the fun we have at our HOMERS Pictures Archive; read a recent HOMERS report!)

HOMERS team, year 2000

And here's what we're gonna do to our arch-rivals, the Voodoo Toad Fury: Death to the Toads!

On occasion I have posted on the Usenet Newsgroup Many people (I am told) have enjoyed my postings on One wonderful fellow was even moved to illustrate the Corbin Seat Fiasco story I told there (be sure to read the original post if you missed it). God bless that man for thinking my thighs are that slim.

(You know, all those old posts on are archived at Google Groups; just search for keywords "Dangerous Curves" "Sue" "1607" -- my DoD no. -- and you'll have some interesting reading...).

Check back for more about me, as I get the chance to sit down and write it here (but don't hold your breath. I've been saying this on this website for 15 years now). I'll just leave you with this last image...

This is me, at age nine, getting my first brassiere (or, as I called it then, a zebra)...!!

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