SPAYED! ... It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog

Dante and Amber
Our new dog, Amber, just got spayed.
Unfortunately, Dante wants to help with the recovery...
by licking her owie 24 hrs a day. NOT GOOD!

Amber wears him out
Sooo, what else would any computer literate person do?
BUILD A FIREWALL, of course!!

Amber, how was the operation anyway? Her answer:

More on Amber!

Amber is a Jindo (?) mix, according to the San Gabriel Humane Society where she was living for TWO MONTHS. She was found walking the streets on December 14, 1997, and was most happy to have Ron and I rescue her on February 8. I think she looks like a Sheba Imu mix, or a corgi/huskie mix.

In fact, I think she looks a bit like old Terry dog, (a corgi/sheltie) except she's 55 pounds!! I didn't pick her because of the resemblance, either. She seemed sedate (HA!) and calm in the cage. When we got home we realized we had a Tigger dog.

Amber likes to stand on her back legs and look into your face. She kinda looks like a kangaroo when she does that. When she slicks her ears back, she looks like a mountain lion.

Dante is a different dog now. He wants to know what Amber is doing 24 hrs a day. He's only concerned about me when he sees me pet her. Then he wants to get petted. If she walks away, he's off wondering what she's up to now. She also is very interested in him, too -- is he getting more food, more attention, more privilege? Let me tell you, 120 pounds of dog is too much of a good thing.... :-)

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