The Rover finds no signs of life on this awful carpet which needs to be replaced, but tell that to Ron...

At this point Bo is saying, no, NO.. NOT MORE SHOES!! NO!!!!!

Peter Scott is probably calling the library to reserve these books right about now

At this point, most of you are saying, OPEN THE PLAYBOY! OPENNN THE PLAYBOYYYYYYY

Do you know how many times I knocked over the Rover, jumping in bed for this shot? What do you mean, that didn't occur to you???

The amazing thing is, Ron was in the other room on the computer the entire time I shot these pics. Oh. You know Ron. You aren't amazed. heh.

This shot was taken 30 times before it looked right. The other 29 times the Rover kept zooming in too far, the little bastard

Dante was telling me here, Why do you care that they're bitching for the 2004 calendar?

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I suspect Patrick Ward was a leprechaun in a past life.

Disgusted that Ron wouldn't come and help me with the photos, Dante got up on his hind legs and tooks this pic. Don't believe me? How about Ron, who has 2 digitals, two pro cameras, and thousands invested in camera equipment, took this shot. Aha -- so you believe the dog story.

The Rover would have gone farther here, but that cross shadow spooked him

We finally came to an understanding. The Rover promised not to criticize me for how much crap I have lying around my bedroom, and I promised not to pull all his lego pieces off.
Bonus! Blurry but worth it "Making of December"

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