Dangerous Curves Meditates on Very Important Symbol

Dangerous Curves reads up on the Engineer Mind. Will it help?

Dangerous Curves' Boots Aren't Made Just for Walking

Dangeous Curves Loves Multicolored Things

Dangerous Curves Likes it Hot Hot HOT!

Dangerous Curves told her dog Dante 100 times, Look at me, LOOK 
AT ME!!!! He finally did.

Dangerous Curves enjoys Dr. Seuss, Relaxing, Adam&Eve, no not the bible

Dangeous Curves gets ready for beddy bye. She's putting those on.

Dangerous Curves is not praying here. He, however, is thanking God.

Dangerous Curves is not at all tired, but way ready for bed.

Dangerous Curves can't think of anything to say here. Not anything 
that isn't superfluous.

Dangerous Curves can now get some rest, read her Star Wars books, 
and not feel guilty anymore that the 4 big fans she has had to wait til Feb 
for this 2003 Calendar!

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